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May 18, 2017 @BulletproAgency

Bulletproof Agency are pleased to share this podcast. This episode looks at Sound City, the organisation most famous for their long running music festival, held in Liverpool for ten years this May.

We get behind the scenes insights from those behind the wheel, driving the festival forward whilst creating a strong support network for local digital business to thrive, regardless of any music focus.

Topics Covered:

Dave and Becky relay their experiences in building a renowned festival, which seems to grow every year, championing the new musical talent. They both share some of their collective vision, where the festival provides the foundations for countless digital start-ups to build into exciting ventures.

From their annual conference, through to the workshops ran for digital start-ups in conjunction with Liverpool Vision and even the ad hoc spin offs such as Sound City Digital, the team has giving genuine help to the area (and a whole lot of fun)

Dave and Becky cover the following:

  • The story behind Sound City – the why and the how How they intend to celebrate their 10th anniversary this year
  • The rise of the mini festivals and how their links to the digital community give longevity
  • The importance of strong relationships with the corporate sector, including the professionals who protect the music and digital businesses
  • Collaboration with other events and entities, and how it makes for a better proposition for everyone
  • How they forged strong relationships overseas without being based in London
  • Plus a few war stories about the artists themselves

Guest BIO's

Dave Pichilingi Founder and CEO of Sound City

Twitter @SoundCityPich

Becky Ayres COO of Sound City

Twitter @Beckoir


Thank you for attending and hope you enjoyed the show. Please subscribe to our podcast for more industry discussions with more fantastic guests.

Next Episode

In the next episode we will be announced shortly and released in June